A few of the most widespread theories

We often imagine our elders as being more prudish than we are today. After all, it’s hard to get through a Facebook conversation or family reunion without hearing at least one elderly person rant about teens making love to their iPhones while driving, or sexting each other pictures of vodka soaked tampons, or whatever it is they’re into these days. See, settling down with one’s attractive cousin may very well end up producing children, and thanks to the way recessive genes work, we can be sure that at least all of those children will be born with some hideous deformity, like head tentacles or a liking for coleslaw with raisins in it.

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Most public water supplies in the state are purified with

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Just thinking about it brought me back to the mid ’70s and

The next day, I was excited for the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary show, SNL40. Just thinking about it brought me back to the mid ’70s and childhood. I can’t say that the show lived up to my expectations, but I liked a lot of it. In the years before the July crisis, there had been major crises and chronic tensions in European politics. The Balkan Wars in 1912 and 1913, the arms races on land and at sea, and the formation of two alliance blocs both caused and reflected the fraying of the bonds of peace. That said, by early 1914, many observers considered that European states had safely negotiated some of the most dangerous international crises and that the revived Concert of Europe, used to great effect in late 1912 and early 1913, signalled a more stable future.

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